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How can you help the foundation??


Hoovinahole is a foundation that was setup in order to provide educational opportunities to the students in the rural part of Karnataka. so, what can you do in order to help this foundation?

In general, non-governmental organizations are always in need of support as they are the non-profit organizations. lending a hand to Hoovinahole foundation would be a wonderful way to express one's passion or interest that they feel in a cause of doing something. But not all are into this. the ones' intending to support or them trying to figure out how can they help the organization can be a little confusing or tricky as one wouldn't have an idea of the same. but once we figure out the way to support the foundation, people will be on the cause of fulfilling the same and experience the cause that they are intended to do.

The first thing that can be done to help our organization is by donating the amount that you wish to on our website or the link which we would provide. not only amount, but anything else other than amount such as tables, chairs, movable cabins or computers which are good to use can also be donated. other way of helping our ngo could be by volunteering for us, your time and skills would be considered precious for us. Today's era is totally dependent on the use of mobile phones. You must be wondering what help through phones?

The activities and events conducted can be posted on your media accounts so that it can reach as many people as it can, after which many more people can come and volunteer with us. If you have worked in our ngo, then you can share your experience with your friends and family which will probably excite them and maybe in future they would intend to work in our ngo. So our only request is try and try as much as you can!

In Person

Hoovinahole Foundation (Reg.)
#16, Jeeva Sangama Alaya, Tarasu Road, Chaitra Meadows Layout, Begur - Koppa Rd, Mylasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560114


You can donate as much as you wish with Google pay, Phone Pe, Paytm, any UPI, Debit / Credit Card, click below

Over the Phone

Reach out to us over a call / WhatsApp 
Mob: +91 8088081008


         +91 9620356789

By Email

You can also email us on


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